Friday, December 31, 2010

Lessons to Love Now Available on Smashwords, Amazon and B&N. Dream Lover on Amazon

Hello Everyone  HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!

My old blog was eaten by the cyberspace monkeys, so I had to create a new one.

I'm happy to report that my sales this month on Amazon have been great with my books!  Amazon has fnally linked my story with Phaze and my story in the Window anthology.  Look for it in a few days.

I'll be re-submitting my short story, Table For Two, to Smashwords and probably putting it up on my website as a free read. 

My website is being updated, but is up at  and you can email me there at erin at eringordon dot net if you'd like to chat.

Lessons to Love is an erotic romance novel. It is book one in the Lessons Trilogy.  Book Two:  Some Lessons Still to Learn is up on Amazon as well, though I have not placed it on Smashwords yet; it will be there this week.

The series details the relationship of Cassandra O'Rourke and Brandon Williamson. Cassie is a cop on the hunt for a sadistic serial killer that is preying on women found in Internet chat rooms.  First, she wonders if Brandon is her perp--then, as he teaches her about the world of Domination and submission, she wonders if he's the man of her dreams.

Join Cassie and Brandon as he teaches her the Lessons to Love.  The entire series details Cassie's journey into the world of Domination and submission.  The books received excellent reviews.  Lessons to Love on Smashwords  Lessons to Love on Amazon

I also have written for Phaze.  My story is in the 39 and Still Holding Him anthology.  It's titled Dream Lover.   What if your erotic dreams about a dominant man were more than dreams?  Is she losing her mind or is David Masters real?  Read and find out.

Dream Lover is an erotic short story with hot love scenes and spanking.  The heroine is over 40.  Love and desire don't stop when we hit the big 40!  Do let me know what you think. It's available at Phaze and at Amazon.

I write erotic romantic fiction...and traditional romance as well.  Look for two new books in the Lessons series coming out within the next several months. I'm also writing books under my pen name. 

Have a great New Year!